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The University of Texas at El Paso / Records ManagementDisposal of Records Procedures

CAUTION: “A university record whose retention period has expired may not be destroyed if any litigation, claim, negotiation, audit, public information request, administrative review, or other action involving the record is initiated; its destruction shall not occur until the completion of the action and the resolution of all issues that arise from it.”

“A university record whose retention period expires during any litigation, claim, negotiation, audit, public information request, administrative review, or other action involving the record may not be destroyed until the completion of the action and the resolution of all issues that arise from it.”

Thank you for your diligence following these instructions.

To dispose of your department records that have met their respective retention period use the record retention schedule (07/11/12) which can be found on the records management website at:

Please download as many copies of the UTEP Retention Schedule as you wish.

The RRS is your guide in identifying and classifying your records in your department.

Please follow the simple steps and if you have questions please contact Records Management (747-8726) or for advice and guidance:

  1. Identify and classify your records; it is important to create an index or catalog list.
  2. Group your records by fiscal year.
  3. Arrange your records by record title (for example: all statements of accounts together, purchase orders with supporting documentation together) within that fiscal year.
  4. After you have finished identifying your records and arranged by record title, the next step is to determine whether any records have met their retention periods.
  5. Refer to your retention schedule you downloaded from the website to guide you with this process.
  6. Locate the retention period in column 7, in calculating the date when the record can be destroyed.
  7. Note: The record destruction date needs to be determined by the LATEST date of a record series.
  8. Keep your records together by fiscal year and placed into old boxes. (pending destruction)
  9. Provide Records Management a list of all your records for destruction.
  10. Records Management will schedule a consultation to conduct an assessment of your records.
  11. After review Records Management will process the "official disposition log form" and deliver to your department for a signature approval from the dean/chain/director.
  12. The final signature approval will be granted from the Director of Purchasing and General Services.
  13. The department will be informed of the final approval via e-mail and/or phone call.
  14. The Department must contact Facilities-Work Control to schedule the pickup of boxes and transported to the off-site storage facility. Place an orange cover sheet on each box, Attention: Records Management, Carmen Gonzalez.
  15. You are required to issue a purchase requisition to Work-Control-Facilities Services, in order to pay for the labor, using your departmental budget funds.
  16. ALL BOXES REQUIRED TO HAVE A LID, NO ACCEPTIONS! Seal your boxes to avoid paper documents from flying out during transport!!
  17. Records Management will coordinate the mobile on-site shredding, with a contract vendor.

Note: Managing your department records should be an on going goal of each department to ensure the proper disposal of records. This process will help ensure the integrity, confidentiality and safeguarding of university records; as mandated by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and UT Systems.

Each department at UTEP has a responsibility for its records.

UTEP Records Management Staff are available to provide advice and guidance in managing your departmental records. There is a monthly records retention training available to the UTEP community, please visit Human Resources website; Please click on the left side under "training and development" to sign up.

The University of Texas at El Paso / Records ManagementStorage Procedures Checklist

Each department must meet Records Management warehouse storage criteria.

Any box transported to storage must be NEW; 1 cubic foot in size.

Archival boxes (brown) must be purchased directly from Luis Chavez, at Central Warehouse, 747-8128.

Use your department's budget to pay for the boxes. Do not send old worn out boxes.

Before you send your boxes, please check the following.

  1. Each department must contact Records Management interested in storing inactive records for a consultation prior to sending your boxes.
  2. Contact Carmen Gonzalez at and/or by phone (747-8726 or Fax 747-8443).
  3. It is the responsibility of each department to identify and classify your records.
  4. Group your records by fiscal year, pack records one record title (category) per box and per fiscal year.
  5. Do not mix years together; for example: FY 2000-2001 and not 2000 thru 2005.
  6. NO miscellaneous records accepted.
  9. Because the records are dispose by box, and NOT removing one file at a time, store records with same retention period and fiscal year.
  10. You are required to assign a retention period to each record type and a target destruction date.
  11. Please visit us at to view and/or download a copy of the approved (02/02/09) UTEP Records Retention Schedule; use is at your guide to identify your departmental records and retention.
  12. You must include an index list or catalog list (list each file) and tape a copy to the inside of each lid.
  13. Each department must provide Records Management with a log of all records stored and leave a copy at their respective department's office for future retrievals.
  14. Records Management will provide a label(s) at NO CHARGE. The labels will be hand delivered to your department.
  15. Records Management will track all incoming boxes into our database tracking system.
  16. It is the responsibility of each department to contact Facility Services (Work Control) and arrange to have your boxes transported to storage. You need to issue a purchase requisition.
  17. Please Notify Records Management 2 working days in advanced in order to schedule the storage warehouse open.

Missing Documents/File Folders

Records Management will not be responsible or liable for missing documents and/or file folders not properly stored in your archival boxes.

Please identify and verify your records prior to sending off to storage.

Create an index or catalog list for each box; make 3 copies.

  1. One copy you tape inside the lid of the box
  2. 2nd copy you forward to Records Management
  3. 3rd Copy leave in your office for future reference/retrievals.

Policy for Document/Box Retrieval

If an inactive document is requested by a department from storage, they must contact Records Management via e-mail ( no phone calls accepted. Records Management will search/retrieve and deliver the documents to the department.

Retrieval Schedule:

Retrievals Requested on: Thursday thru Friday and on Monday until 1:00pm will be delivered on Monday between 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Retrievals Requested on: Mondays after 1:00pm, Tuesday thru Wednesday will be delivered on Wednesday between 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Emergency Retrieval Request:

If the emergency retrieval constitutes a "legal issue" and/or an "audit issue" an approval from the supervisor or department head will be required in the request. The retrieval will be delivered same day.

Return Schedule:

When a document/box is no longer needed the department must contact Records Management for pick up. Please follow the retrieval schedule above.

Please DO NOT return your document thru campus mail.

The University of Texas at El Paso / Records ManagementNon-Record Material Checklist

The following specific types of materials are designated as “non-record material” and do not contain sensitive/confidential information. These items may be disposed of as soon as they have served their purpose; requiring no administrative decisions.

  • CataCatalogs, trade journals, and other printed or published materials received from other offices, commercial firms, or private institutions which require no action and are not needed for documentary purposes.
  • Photocopy or other copies of correspondence, completed forms, bulletins, etc. prepared for reference and rapid informational distribution.
  • Letters of transmittal which do not add any information to the transmitted material.
  • Miscellaneous notices or memoranda which do not relate to the functional responsibility of the department, e.g., employee meetings, holiday schedules, luncheons, UTEP community fairs/functions flyers.
  • Preliminary drafts of letters, memos, reports, worksheets and informal notes which do not contain sensitive/confidential university information of record documents.
  • Reproduction material, e.g., stencils, master copies.
  • Routing slips used to direct the distribution of documents.
  • Notes tape recordings which have been transcribed into printed form.
  • Department publications, catalogs which are retained for supply purposes, which have been superseded.
  • Telephone message slips that do not contain sensitive/confidential university information.

Recommended retention period for the document list is ONE YEAR from graduation or date of last attendance:

  1. Student Exam
  2. Quizzes
  3. Essays
  4. Research
  5. Extra Credit
  6. Student Report

Additional records with ONE YEAR retention:

  1. Student Advising Forms
  2. Grade Reports
  3. Class Schedule
  4. Student Correspondence Relevant
  5. Changes of Course-Add/Drop
  6. Major Change Form
  7. Changes of Grade Form
  8. Class Lists

Note: Although the retention period recommended for the student records listed above is one year; is is up to the discretion of the chair/dean/director of each college/department to dictate otherwise.

Please do not shred or destroy records without consultation from Records Management Services, Carmen Gonzalez, Analyst, ext. 8726,

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