UTEP Today

Standards and Content Submission Guide

Submitting Content

  1. Download a UTEP Today slide template from the website and save that template file to your computer. Only these templates will be accepted since they are optimized for UTEP Today displays.
  2. Requests should include a brief content summary, start date, end date and contact information. Materials must have the name of the individual, department, club, or organization and a phone or email address.
  3. Submissions are limited to 10 slides and video streaming must not exceed 30 seconds.
  4. Video clips must be in .mov (Windows Media Player) or QuickTime format.
  5. E-mail files to the appropriate UTEP Today administrator.
Materials must be submitted at least five working days before they air on UTEP Today.

All submissions are subject to editing. You will be notified of problems. Approval is based on the discretion of the zone/site administrator. After the request is approved, the message will be scheduled to appear as soon as the posting schedule permits. For more information or for any questions contact a UTEP Today zone administrator.

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Content Composition Hints

  • Use pictures, video and audio
  • Use the templates on the UTEP Today website
  • Make sure to use high-resolution 4" x 3" (1024 x 768) bitmaps.
  • Give the audience a snap shot of your event what it is about, how much it costs, what time it starts, where it is, etc.
  • Be brief and to the point

If you need more information or have other questions about UTEP Today , please contact the Information Technology CIM team at

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