About Telecommunication Infrastructure

mission Statement

The mission of the Telecommunication Infrastructure (TI) Department at the University of Texas at El Paso is to maintain and grow a unified, IP-based network that integrates data, voice, and video/audio communications opening the door to applications that will make the campus community a more efficient and productive learning environment.


  • Manage the University's network infrastructure to provide high capacity, transparent, and secure connectivity to all information resources
  • Increase bandwidth connectivity to state and national education and research networks
  • Increase the number of smart classrooms with audio/visual services and video conferencing capabilities
  • Expand the connectivity resources to International educational networks
  • Provide solid and high-speed network infrastructure to the desktop and laboratories research stations
  • Support On-line course infrastructure
  • Facilitate Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with fast and reliable connectivity to centralized applications


  • Network Connectivity Anytime/Anywhere on Campus
  • Reliable and Secure Connectivity to Cloud Computing
  • Full Customer Satisfaction

Telecommunication Infrastructure Areas

Network Management

UTEP's network infrastructure is the backbone of the University's information resources. Through an ongoing maintenance and management program, TI ensures the network remains robust enough to handle present day demands yet capable of exploiting future developments in technology and user services.  (Network services)

Telephone Services

UTEP provides telephone services on campus and a number of off-campus affiliate buildings using Voice Over Internet Protocol and the campus network backbone. Teleconference devices and services can be obtained from TI with advanced notice. Analog services for Faxes and modems are also available.  (Telephone services)

IRP - Facilities P&C Liaison

IRP-Facilities Planning and Construction (P&C) Liaison provides a single point of contact on all P&C projects undertaken at UTEP requiring information technology services.  As the liaison with the P&C department, this section coordinates with customers, Facilities architects and engineers, and vendors the identification, acquisition, and installation of the networking infrastructure resources to be implemented in newly constructed buildings as well as upgrades and remodeling projects of established buildings. (Current P&C Projects)

Audio Visual Integrations

Audio Visual, Video Conferencing, and Digital Signage installations in support of instructional and informational environments for faculty/staff and students are available through the TI Department.  Major installations can be outsourced as needed and at the request of customers.  (A/V services)