UTEP Policies and Standards

UTEP Information Resources Use and Security Policy (PDF)
Standard 1: Information Resources Security Requirements and Accountability (PDF)
Standard 2: Acceptable Use of Information Resources (PDF)
Standard 3: Information Security Program (PDF)
Standard 4: Access Management (PDF)
Standard 5: Administrative/Special Access Accounts (PDF)
Standard 6: Backup and Disaster Recovery (PDF)
Standard 7: Change Management (PDF)
Standard 8: Malware Prevention (PDF)
Standard 9: Data Classification (PDF)
Standard 10: Risk Management (PDF)
Standard 11: Safeguarding Data (PDF)
Standard 12: Security Incident Management (PDF)
Standard 13: Control and Protection of Social Security Numbers (PDF)
Standard 14: Information Services (IS) Privacy (PDF)
Standard 15: Passwords (PDF)
Standard 16: Data Center Security (PDF)
Standard 17: Security Monitoring (PDF)
Standard 18: Security Training (PDF)
Standard 19: Server and Device Configuration and Management (PDF)
Standard 20: Software Licensing (PDF)
Standard 21: System Development and Deployment (PDF)
Standard 22: Vendor and Third-Party Controls and Compliance (coming soon)
Standard 23: Security Control Exceptions (PDF)
Standard 24: Disciplinary Actions (PDF)
Camera Surveillance System Policy (PDF)
UTEP Social Media Standards
Payment Card Industry (PCI)
Web Privacy Policy

Other References

Texas Administrative Code 202 (TAC 202)
United States Department of Justice, Privacy Act of 1974
UTS165 Information Resources Use and Security Policy (PDF)
Regents' Rules and Regulations Related to Ethics, Office of General Counsel
Regents' Rules and Regulations (Library)
Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
PCI Data Security Standards Council

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