Training will be a key element in the success of the PeopleSoft conversion. No matter how much work has gone into analyzing our needs, developing business processes, and configuring the new system, the ultimate success of the conversion rests with the end user.

What can you expect?

Knowing that almost everyone on campus will need some type of training on aspects of the new system, the PeopleSoft training team has been developing a plan to address training needs across the spectrum.

We’ll be developing a variety of tools, from self-paced tutorials, to full-blown documentation, to hands-on training workshops that will cover how to complete specific business processes from beginning to end.

What kind of training will be offered?


Instructor lead classes. Lecture style and hands-on classroom training formats will be available for specific classes.

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Provide employees the opportunity to access tutorials and videos online for a self-paced training experience.

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Training documents such as step-by-step guides, quick guides and pdf's to guide and assist as you navigate through the system.

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