Finance IAP Forms

Student Payee Information Form

  • This form is required to set up a vendor record for non-employee students for the purpose of creating a travel authorization, or processing a payment. Submit a hard copy of this form to Accounts Payable.
  • Note: After the student has been entered into the system, submit an Employee Reimbursement, Vendor Payment, or Travel Authorization document.
  • Download the Student Payee Information Form

Budget Transfer Request

Position Funding Changes

Grant Expense Transfer Request Form

Off-Cycle Request Form

  • Request for earnings that were due to be paid on a prior scheduled payroll run but were not processed due to incomplete records and/or appointments.
  • Off-Cycle Request Form

Supplemental Authorization Request (SAR)

  • The Supplemental Authorization Request (SAR) process is used when requesting payment to full time faculty or staff for additional duties performed outside their full time job function. Click here for more information.
  • Note: This request should be submitted and approved prior to start date of additional duties.
  • Supplemental Authorization Request (SAR)

HR IAP Forms

Background Check Form

  • Initiates the background check process.
  • To be completed by department.
  • Requires Cost Center/Project ID.
  • Electronically routes to account approver and Human Resources.
  • Access the Background Check Form

Position Request & Modifications

  • Request a new position due to departmental reorganizations, special projects, new grants or contracts, workload increases, position combinations, etc.
  • Request an update to a position due to reclassifications, inactivating positions, working title changes, position transfers, reorganizations, changes in full time equivalent (FTE) status, changes in Reports-To information, etc.
  • Access the Position Request & Modifications Form

Appointment Actions Request Form

Additional Pay Request

  • Note: Pre-approvals for additional pay must be obtained through HRAC prior to the use of this form.
  • Request compensation not included in the budget for endowed chairs or endowed professorships.
  • Request a supplement not included in the budget for new department chairs, new program directors, A&P employees, or Classified employees.
  • Access the Additional Pay Request Form

HR Separation/Retirement Form

  • To be completed and submitted for any employee who will be exiting the University.
  • Request when an employee provides notice of resignation or retirement.
  • Electronically routes to Library, Mine Gold Card Office, Student Recreation Center, Parking & Transportation Services, Key Shop, and Payroll Office for clearance.
  • Access HR Separation/Retirement Form

Affiliate Credential Request Form

  • Non-appointed, non-paid, non-benefit eligible professionals who may be remunerated by an external third party source outside of UTEP who utilize UTEP systems and/or facilities ( e.g., buildings, laboratories, offices, etc.) upon designation as an affiliate.
  • Access Affiliate Credential Request Form
  • The University of Texas at El Paso.
  • 500 West University Avenue,
  • El Paso, Texas 79968
  • (915) 747-5000