Conflicts of Interest, Commitment, & Outside Activities Minimize    

  • The policy is intended to protect the credibility and reputation of the U.T. System Administration of UTEP and their employees, by providing a framework to address conflicts of interest, conflicts of commitment, and outside activities.  
  • The policy applies to all UTEP, employees including Executive Officers, Employees involved in Procurement Activities, and employees involved in contract management.  
  • UTEP employees may not have a direct or indirect interest, including financial and other interests, or engage in a business transaction or professional activity, or incur any obligation of any nature that is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of the employee's duties to their institution.  
  • Activities on behalf of outside entities or individuals must not interfere with a UTEP employee's fulfillment of his/her duties and responsibilities to UTEP.  Such conflicts of commitment may arise regardless of the location of these activities, the type of outside entity, or the level of compensation.  
  • Non-Compliance with this policy may subject one to discipline in accordance with applicable procedures up to and including termination of employment.  
  • Conflict of Interest is generally an issue of financial or personal gain. 
  • Conflict of Commitment is generally an issue of time. 
  • To read the full policy, please go to the following link in the Handbook of Operating Procedures Section V, Chapter 29: