Other Related Activities


UTEP’s involvement in HPC also includes the following:


  • UTEP is a member of the IBM Cloud Academy, a collaborative community that is finding new and innovative ways to implement cloud computing in game changing ways within schools and universities globally. Read more -

  • UTEP is a member of XSEDE’s Minority Research Community, led by Linda Akli, Assistant Director, Training & Outreach, SURA (Southeastern Universities Research Association). Through membership in this organization, UTEP hosted a two-day Regional XSEDE Workshop with three tracks on February 19-20, 2013.

  • UTEP is a member of HiPCAT, High Performance Computing Across Texas, a consortium of Texas institutions that use advanced computational technologies to enhance research, development, and educational activities. The last HiPCAT face-2-face meeting was hosted by UTEP on 29 March 2013. The meeting included a presentation about VCL (Virtual Computing Lab) by Eric Sills, North Carolina State University, and a visit to the W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation (, which was hosted by Raymond (Tipper) Rumpf of the EM Lab (, within the center. Read more about HiPCAT -

  • UTEP is involved in the leadership of the UTRC, University of Texas Research Cyberinfrastructure. Steve Riter, Vice President of Information Resources and Planning and his the Chair of the Business and Administrative Working Group.

  • UTEP is a member of Internet2 Net+ VCL Service.