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Post Office Box
Anyone in the University or City of El Paso community can rent a P.O Box.  Rates for a box are $60 per year following the University Calendar (August to August).

How to Correctly Address mail for USPS, UPS, and FedEx
Individuals First and Last Name
Departments Full Name and Room Number
500 W. University Avenue
El Paso, Tx. 79968

NOTE: Please note that any other form of Address might result in lost or late delivery of mail.

Incoming U.S. Mail

Mail is received by the staff each morning, Monday through Friday.  the mail is then sorted and delivered to each department according to our route schedule.

Incoming Accountable Mail
All accountable types of mail such as Certified, Registered, Insured, and Express Mail are received each morning, Monday through Friday and our delivered to the appropriate department.  This mail is delivered to the same location as the mail drop and not to an individual's room or building.  A signature will be obtained from the department as proof of delivery.

Inner Campus Mail
Inner campus mail is interdepartmental mail addressed by campus senders to campus recipients.  Campus mail must be properly addressed with the person's full name, complete department name, building, and room number.  When addressing a campus envelope, all previous addresses must be marked through to guarantee proper delivery to the appropriate party.  If a regular envelope is used then "CAMPUS MAIL" must me clearly written, typed, printed, or stamped on the front of the envelope, otherwise your mail may be sent to the USPS.   Campus mail not properly prepared will be left at the department.  Campus mail is sorted by departmental name and name of the individual addressee.  

        How to correctly address inner campus mail:
                From: Individuals First and Last Name
                Department Name
                Department Building and Room Number 
                To: Individuals First and Last Name 
                Department Name 
                Department Building and Room Number

Outgoing Mail

             Outgoing Mail             Extra Mailing Services
        First Class                        Certified
        Priority                              Registered Mail
        Express                            Insured Mail
        Media Mail                        Delivery Confirmation
        NOTE: For more information and pricing for each service please contact us at 915-747-5677