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Crosswalk April 3, 2014


Your Earnings Statements & Changes to Monthly Paychecks

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When PeopleSoft goes live, all employees will be able to access their earnings statements (paystubs) online through Employee Self-Service (ESS). In addition to making personal information updates, ESS is where users can view their earnings statements and set up their direct deposit information. All employees will be defaulted to receive their earnings statements electronically.

Changes to Your Earning Statement

“A new system means a new look,” said Tessy Rappe, associate comptroller and director of accounting & business services. “When PeopleSoft goes live there will be additional information currently not included in the electronic or paper version of the earnings statement.” For example, the statement will include comp/overtime information and employer contribution to benefits, such as retirement matching, the federal unemployment tax, and worker’s compensation (if applicable).

Another benefit of the new earnings statement is it offers “at-a-glance” information on leave deductions for sick, holiday, vacation, bereavement, jury duty, and unpaid leave.

Setting Up Direct Deposit

Employees will be able to set up multiple accounts for direct deposit (up to three). Pay can be distributed between both checking and savings accounts. Employees will have the option to specify the distribution of their pay. Currently, Define only allows for one direct deposit account.

Changes to Monthly Paychecks

Currently, an employee paid on a monthly basis who receives overtime pay, supplements, bonuses, or cell phone allowances receives a paycheck separately from their salary paycheck. When PeopleSoft is implemented, salary and these other payments will be combined in one paycheck.

Paper Earnings Statements

Employees with direct deposit can opt to receive a printed earnings statement, but must request to do so from the Payroll Office.

The project team will be hosting a Paystub Earning Statement Changes presentation on April 22 & April 30 to provide employees with additional information. View the PeopleSoft Calendar of Events for times and location. Email invites will be sent in the next few weeks.

PeopleSoft Support

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After PeopleSoft goes live, we will enter a stabilization period dedicated to identifying and resolving system issues. If you have a PeopleSoft-related inquiry or issue, call the Help Desk at extension 4357 (off-campus: 747-5257) or email

By submitting your inquiries through this avenue, you’ll be helping to track common issues. Also, your inquiry may be elevated to different levels of support, depending on the type of question you have.

“We want to encourage campus to submit their issues through our support number,” said Iris Niestas, project manager for the PeopleSoft project. “That way we can review trends and proactively address systemic problems.”

As we begin to identify common questions, we will be able to make adjustments to training material and resources as needed.

Training Updates

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PeopleSoft Training is underway! As of March 24, training courses for Travel 1: Travel Authorizations, Vendor Payments, & Miner Mall Assets have taken place. These courses are scheduled to continue this week, with the addition of Travel 2: Travel & Expense Reimbursements. In addition, training invitations have been sent for Pro Card Review & Time Reporting. Invitations for Position Management/HR Processes and Budget Management will go out the week of April 7.

Though the majority of trainings occur in Prospect Hall, there are a few courses scheduled in the Education building. Please confirm your training location before you make the trek! Click here for a map of training locations.

If you are registered for training, please remember to print the PowerPoint slides for the course, and bring them with you to your scheduled session.

If you feel you have been overlooked for training in error, please send an email with your name and department to so that we may review your approved access for PeopleSoft with your supervisor.

SME Spotlight: Monica Rayos

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Monica Rayos is the subject matter expert (SME) for the PeopleSoft project overseeing the Treasury and Asset Management modules. She has a bachelor’s of business administration with a concentration in accounting and computer information systems (CIS). She has worked at UTEP for over 13 years, initially with Contracts &Grants and later at General Accounting.

Prior To Your Assignment To PeopleSoft, What Was Your Job At UTEP?

I worked as an accountant with the General Accounting department. I oversaw daily cash positioning, investments, endowments, appropriations, reconciliations, student organization accounts, gift accounts, unclaimed property, and performed other various tasks associated with General Accounting.

What Is Your Involvement With The PeopleSoft Project?

I am the subject matter expert (SME) in charge of overseeing the Asset Management module and Treasury module at UTEP. I am also the chair of the Asset Management and Treasury functional team, which includes SMEs from all institutions participating in PeopleSoft implementation.

During Your Time On The Project, What Has Surprised You Most?

I’ve found that even though we all have to complete the same processes, all the campuses do things very differently. Though it can be hard to agree on a particular way of doing things, it’s been great working with the different personalities. Considering that we are all spread across Texas—especially El Paso—it wasn’t until this project that we really saw each other’s strengths.

Also, UTEP is my home away from home. My love for this institution is largely what has been a driving force behind my dedication to this project.

What Advice Do You Have For People To Help Them Through The PeopleSoft Conversion?

Be patient. It will take some adjustment, but everyone will get comfortable and see the benefits down the line.

When You Were Little, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

I wanted to be a Marine Biologist! I’ve always loved animals. I went into business because it’s been something of a family trade for me.

Module Spotlight: Asset Management & Treasury

Asset Management (Inventory) is the PeopleSoft module used to store and track information on adding, transferring, depreciating, and retiring assets. Treasury (Cash Management) is the PeopleSoft module that manages the administration of cash for the University. This includes reconciliations ensuring the proper accounting of cash payments and receipts.

According to Monica Rayos, the subject matter expert (SME) overseeing the Treasury module, most changes to cash management will be behind the scenes. However, departments who process deposits will do so in PeopleSoft.

As for Asset Management, departments will be asked to properly code assets at the purchase requisition level in Miner Mall. The correct coding in Miner Mall will allow the asset to be properly tracked in PeopleSoft. If an asset is not correctly coded in Miner Mall, the asset will not flow into the Asset Management module in PeopleSoft. Assets will be tracked according to the accurate entry of the asset’s profile ID in Miner Mall. The Asset Profile ID is a code made up of three components: class code, asset definition, and category.

Currently, the Miner Mall Assets training course provides instruction on how to correctly code an asset in Miner Mall.

Speak PeopleSoft!

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Want to learn more about PeopleSoft? Start with PeopleSoft terminology. We’ll define a few PeopleSoft terms in every newsletter. See more by viewing the UTEP Glossary of PeopleSoft Terms.


Asset: An owned item of value. Items are determined to be assets according to physical properties and value.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

PeopleSoft pages where users can view/update their personal information, view earnings statements, and set up direct deposit.

Trivia Questions: Answer and Win!

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