Crosswalk Special Go-Live Edition: May 2014


PeopleSoft is Here!

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Today marks the beginning of a pivotal time in UTEP history; we say our farewells to BIS and HRMS, two systems that have served us well over the years for our finance and HR needs. In their place we welcome PeopleSoft, a data management system that will help us make great strides towards becoming a national research university.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the UTEP PeopleSoft project team for their tireless efforts. These individuals stepped away from their home offices for this project; many of them have been committed to PeopleSoft for over three years. The dedication and commitment demonstrated by the project team has been truly remarkable. I would also like to thank the HR and finance processing teams that have taken on additional workloads so that the project team could dedicate their time to PeopleSoft. I am constantly impressed with the caliber of all of these individuals who are wholly dedicated to UTEP’s success.

Though it will take time to adjust to PeopleSoft, I am confident that the expertise and positivity that campus has demonstrated, and continues to demonstrate, will go a long way towards the ultimate success of this project. Thank you for your continued support of this endeavor.

Cynthia Vizcaíno Villa, Vice President for Business Affairs

Drop-In Help Sessions

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Employees who would like assistance processing HR and Finance transactions are encouraged to attend Drop-In Help Sessions at Prospect Hall, Room 300. For the entire month of May, the PeopleSoft team will be hosting morning and afternoon sessions dedicated to specific HR or Finance topics such as budget management, travel & expense reimbursements, department deposits, vendor payments, position management, time reporting, and Pro Card.

Employees can come to the PeopleSoft lab at any time during a specific session, seat themselves at one of 30 workstations, and process their transactions. An HR or Finance processing specialist will be on hand during each drop-in help session to provide assistance.

“Learning any new system can be a challenging task,” said Jaime Huerta, training lead for the project. “We are offering employees this option so that they can feel comfortable working in the system with access to face-to-face support.”

According to Jaime, employees will also be in an environment where they can process transactions alongside their peers. “Some of the best learning experiences are fostered through the spirit of collaboration,” said Jaime. “We feel employees who attend sessions will be able to learn from one another.”

Please see the Calendar of Events for session dates and times.

PeopleSoft Support

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Now that PeopleSoft is implemented we will be dedicated to identifying and resolving system issues. If you encounter a PeopleSoft-related issue, call the Help Desk at extension 4357 (off-campus: 747-5257) or email

By submitting your inquiries through this avenue, you’ll be helping to track common issues. Also, your inquiry may be elevated to different levels of support, depending on the type of question you have.

“We want to encourage campus to submit their issues through our support number or email” said Iris Niestas, project manager for the PeopleSoft project. “That way we can review trends and proactively address systemic problems.”

As we begin to identify common questions, we will be able to make adjustments to training material and resources as needed.

Requesting Processing Access to PeopleSoft

As you may know, many employees attended PeopleSoft training in order to receive access to process HR and Finance transactions. Now that PeopleSoft has been implemented, any employees that require specific access that they do not have will be asked to submit a Request Access to PeopleSoft form, available on the Resources page of the PeopleSoft information website.

After the employee submits the form it will route to their supervisor for approval. The employee will not receive access until they have completed the training requirement associated with the level of access they have been authorized to receive by their supervisor.

Unlike BIS, when employees accept another position on campus, their access will be terminated and their new department will need to request new access based on the duties of the new position.

Project Team Spotlight: Iris Niestas

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Iris Niestas is the local project manager for the PeopleSoft project. She has a bachelor’s of business administration with concentrations in computer information systems and management, and a master’s of business administration from The University of Texas at El Paso. She has worked for UTEP for more than eight years, with six years in management.

Prior To Your Assignment To PeopleSoft, What Was Your Job At UTEP?

I was previously a manager for Enterprise Computing (IT) where I was responsible for overseeing our reporting team, document management team, BIS programmers and database administrators.

What Is Your Involvement With The PeopleSoft Project?

I am the local project manager for the PeopleSoft project. In this capacity I oversee the implementation of PeopleSoft at our campus and am the liaison and representative for UTEP for the UT Share project management team. At the campus-level, I oversee our local project team and escalate any identified campus-level issues, and ensure that all local project tasks are aligned and completed. At the UT Share level, my role is to escalate campus-level issues that our team encounters and advocate for system configurations that our campus requires.

What Has Surprised You During Your Time On The Project?

It has been a pleasant surprise to see how quickly our team members, who came from their individual departments, formed one project team who worked together to accomplish their like goals.

What Advice Do You Have For People To Help Them Through The PeopleSoft Conversion?

My advice is to be patient, and understand that we are all transitioning to PeopleSoft together. The system may look different, but everyone will adjust. In time we will have a robust system that will fulfill our processing and reporting needs.

When You Were Little, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

When I was younger I was fascinated by the idea of going into space, so I thought I might be an astronaut.

PeopleSoft Tips and Tricks

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PeopleSoft feels new to everybody. Get to know the system. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to ease your transition.


Have you had issues logging into PeopleSoft, entering your university credentials, or encountered system errors in PeopleSoft? You can try to resolve this issue by clearing your browser cache, logging out of the system, and then logging back in.

You may also want to check for any aggressive pop up blockers that are inhibiting your access to PeopleSoft or the electronic interim approval process forms.

Trivia Questions: Answer and Win!

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1. Where are the Drop-In Help Sessions be held?
2. List the different Drop-In Help Session topics.
3. Employees will not have to request new access to PeopleSoft if they move to a position in another department. True or False.
4. Where can employees find the Request Access to PeopleSoft form?
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