Long Distance Phone Usage


To address long-distance telephone use by employees of The University of Texas at El Paso in compliance with UT System Board of Regents and The University of Texas at El Paso Policies and Procedures. These procedures ensure that only business related long-distance telephone calls are charged to University of Texas at El Paso funds.


It is policy of the University that personal long-distance calls may not be charged to University funds.


Each department head determines the level of accessibility of long-distance calls within their department. Phones may be blocked with either a requisition or phone call placed through the Information Technology (IT)-Help Desk for any direct extension. Long-distance access may be blocked using a FAC (force authorization code). An IT-Telecom employee will assign an 11 digit code unique to an assigned extension to use for long-distance.

Department heads receive a monthly log from IT with a listing of all long-distance calls placed from each office extension in their department(s). The following is an example of the steps taken to ensure all charges are for official business:

  • Review caller information to ensure the charge is applied to the correct department
  • Check dates and times of calls placed to ensure calls were made within normal business hours and days
  • The extension owner must sign and certify that “all the phone calls listed are legitimate business calls and not of a personal nature.”
  • Call log(s) and certification should be filed with the Account Reconciliation Report (ARR) for the appropriate Cost Center/Project as supporting documentation for the charge.

Personal long-distance calls should not be made from University telephones. If a personal long-distance call is inadvertently charged to a University account, the individual must reimburse the University for the charge.


  • This policy applies to all University employees.
  • It is the employee’s responsibility to verify charges made in their name.
  • Each Department Head is responsible for review of all long distance charges to their Cost Center/Project.


Account Reconciliation Report (ARR) - The ARR is a PeopleSoft query generated by each department after the month has closed which details all activity in the Cost Center/Project for a given month.

Force Authorization Code (FAC) - TThe force authorization code is an IT-Telecomm 11 digit code unique   to an assigned extension that allows the extension to place long-distance phone calls.

IT - Information Technology

Long-distance telephone usage abuse – the unauthorized use of long-distance telephone services. It includes not only those who steal authorization codes and use or sell them to others, but also any University employee who uses the University’s long distance system for purposes other than official business.

Responsible Party

Office of the VPBA / Comptroller

Last Updated: July 6, 2016

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