Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) - Routing and Responsibilities


To provide the internal procedures for routing and responding to requests received under the Texas Public Information Act.


In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act ("Act") as codified in the Texas Government Code as Chapter 552 and U. T. System Policy UTS139, the Chief Business Officer (Vice President for Business Affairs - VPBA) is delegated as the Public Information Officer (PIO). Designation as the PIO requires the VPBA to respond to all requests submitted in accordance with the Act.


Receipt of a Public Information Request (PIR) from a Third Party:

1. By Fax or Email

A request sent via fax or email to anyone other than the PIO or their designee, [the Public Information Coordinator (PIC)], is not a valid request. Respond to the fax or email with the following information:

“In order to submit a request under the Texas Public Information Act via email or fax you must submit your request to tpia@utep.edu or 915-747-5068. For more information, go to https://admin.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=47537 or call the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs at 915-747-5113.”

2. By Regular Mail or Hand-Delivered

A mailed or hand-delivered request can be sent to any U. T. employee and must be addressed within the time allowed by law. The time allowed by law is 10 working days. Upon receipt of the request, immediately have it delivered to the office of the Vice President for Business Affairs in the Administration Building, Room 301.

General Guidelines:

  • All information created in the course of business is subject to the Act
  • Deliver the original request with receipt date stamp to the VPBA within one working day of receipt.
  • The PIC will contact you for responsive documents when appropriate.
  • At the point when you are contacted, send an electronic copy of any responsive documents; please no originals if possible.
  • Provide feedback if there is concern about material that is subject to release.


Applies to all University departments.


Public Information Request (PIR) - A written request for access to information collected, assembled, or maintained by or for the University. “Information” exists in paper, tape, microfilm, video, electronic data held in computer memory, and other mediums specified under law.

Public Information Officer (PIO) - As designated by UT System in UTS139, the PIO is the Chief Business Officer at UTEP - the equivalent title at UTEP is Vice President for Business Affairs. This individual is designated as the Custodian of Records for the University and, therefore, is responsible for responses to requests under the Act.

Public Information Coordinator (PIC) - The individual designated by the PIO to handle requests under the Act and prepare responses on behalf of the PIO.

Record - All information that is collected, assembled and maintained in the normal course of business regardless of format (electronic, audio, video, written, etc.) and exists at the time of the request.

Responsive Document - Any record that is requested, regardless of format, that exists at the time a request is received.

Responsible Party

Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs

Last Updated: July 1, 2016

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