Defensive Driving Training


This procedure is issued to provide University departments with guidance on defensive driving training that employees are required to complete before they may drive a University vehicle.


  1. Only a licensed University employee while on official University business may drive a University vehicle.
  2. University employees who may be called upon to drive a University vehicle shall attend a defensive driving training course at least every three (3) years as part of the driver training requirements required by the University of Texas System Business Procedures Memorandum UTS-157.


  1. Departments should ensure the employee completes a defensive driving course every three (3) years. The following options are available to fulfill this requirement:
    1. Register to attend a Safe Driving course offered through the Office of Human Resources. Log on at:
    2. Employees may attend a certified Texas Defensive Driving course conducted off campus and obtain a certificate of completion.
    3. Employees may obtain a certificate that they have completed a web-based defensive driver training course that satisfies Texas Education Agency (TEA) requirements for a sanctioned driver safety course. Contact the Facilities Management Fleet Manager to obtain more information about this option before signing up for a web-based driver training course.
    4. Employees required to drive a 12 passenger must take additional training, to schedule this training contact the Motor Pool Office at 747-7140.
  2. All departments must maintain a record that an employee has successfully completed a defensive driving course within the past three (3) years of the date the employee is required to drive a vehicle for official University business.


This administrative procedure applies to all University departments.


University Vehicle – motorized mechanism that is used to transport people, items, equipment for official business (i.e. golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, tractors, etc.).

Licensed UTEP employee – refers to a full time University employee who has completed a Defensive Driving course within the past three (3) years, who has had a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check completed within the past year, and has an acceptable driver's rating.

Responsible Party

Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

Last Updated: July 25, 2016

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