Motor Pool Vehicle Use


This procedure is issued to provide University departments with guidance on the process to rent University motor pool vehicles through the Facilities Services Motor Pool Service Center in support of University business such as field trips, group activities or events.


  1. Only a licensed University employee while on official University business may drive a University vehicle.
  2. University employees who may be called upon to drive a University vehicle shall have a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check as required by the UTS-157 and shall be assigned a driver rating, refer to the University's MVR Procedures Memorandum for further guidance.
  3. ALL passengers must wear seat belts. It is the driver's responsibility to insure all passengers are aware of and adhere to this policy.
  4. Smoking is not allowed at any time in University vehicles.
  5. Pets and animals of any kind are not allowed in University vehicles.
  6. Prior approval to travel into Mexico in a University vehicle while on University business must be obtained before a motor pool vehicle can be checked out. Refer to the Mexico Insurance Procedures memorandum for further guidance.


  1. Submit a “Request for University Vehicle Use” form or a “Purchase Requisition” form to the Facilities Services Motor Pool.
    1. Mark the date and departure time as to when you need to pick up the vehicle keys.
    2. Make sure your driver's license number is legible.
  2. Confirm your request has been properly processed and the purchase requisition has been submitted prior to the date you are scheduled to pick up your assigned vehicle..
  3. When you pick up your vehicle:
    1. Obtain the vehicle key pack, keys and white vehicle notebook from the Motor Pool office.
    2. Locate the vehicle issued to you by the vehicle number on the key pack. All Motor Pool vehicles are parked in the parking lot at the Physical Plant building. You may park your personal vehicle in the visitor’s parking lot in front of the Physical Plant building while you are using a Motor Pool vehicle; be sure you obtain a visitor parking permit from the Facilities Management front office for your personal vehicle.
    3. Inspect the assigned vehicle for potential mechanical and operating problems before departing. This would include an outside examination of the body, and inspection of the tires, lights, wipers, etc. The driver should report any warning light indication, or other potential problem to the Motor Pool office before departing.
  4. After receiving the keys, check the white notebook to ensure it contains a credit card for gasoline purchases.
    1. Note: This credit card is valid at most major gas stations. At service stations, look for the credit card logo sticker on the gas pump, or ask if they accept the credit card before refueling. You are authorized to use the credit card for gasoline purchases only. Do not attempt to use the card to purchase beverages, snacks, etc.
    2. Refuel at self-serve islands only. DO NOT USE FULL SERVICE.
  5. During your use of the vehicle:
    1. Check all gauges and heed all warning lights and indicators if indicated during your trip.
    2. Check the Oil Level at all gas stops and periodically check other fluid levels especially on extended trips. All fluids will have been checked before your departure, however, it is the driver’s responsibility to maintain correct fluid levels during the trip.
    3. Maintain a full tank of gas, or an ample amount for your destination.
      - Note: All vehicles run on regular unleaded gasoline.
  6. If a breakdown occurs while on the road, call the Motor Pool office at 747-7140 or, if after hours, the University Police Department at 747-5611.
    1. You must notify the Motor Pool Office and obtain authorization before proceeding with any repair work to your vehicle.
    2. For minor repair work, you may be authorized to proceed with the work and pay for the repair costs yourself. You will be reimbursed for all personal payments of repair work to your vehicle.
    3. For major repair work, the Motor Pool Office will determine the best course of action and inform the driver.
  7. If an accident occurs, call the Motor Pool Office or the University Police as soon as possible. Insurance and Accident forms are in the notebook.
  8. When returning the vehicle to the Motor Pool Office, remove all liter and personal belongings, close all windows, and lock all doors. Return the vehicle keys and vehicle notebook with the completed mileage log to the Motor Pool office.
    1. The customer's Purchase Requisition will be billed for applicable vehicle rental fees.
  9. If you will be traveling into Mexico, you must provide a copy of the INS forms and Mexico insurance documents when you pick up the vehicle keys from the Motor Pool office. These forms must be maintained in the vehicle during your trip into Mexico. Refer to the Mexico Automobile Insurance Procedures memorandum for further guidance.


Applies to all University departments.


Licensed UTEP employee - a University employee (Faculty, Administrative and Professional Staff, or Classified Staff), who has completed a Defensive Driving course within the past three (3) years, who has had a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check completed within the past year, and has an acceptable driver's rating.

Responsible Party

Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

Last Updated: July 25, 2016

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