Probationary Period for Classified Employees


The purpose of the probationary period is to allow management to observe and evaluate a new classified employee’s work performance and permits the employee to adjust to the job and working conditions while learning the culture of the department and University.


It is the policy for all newly appointed classified employees at the University are required to satisfy a probationary period of 180 days from the initial date of employment.


Supervisors must evaluate the work performance of the probationary employee at the end of the probationary period, or prior to any decision to terminate the employee during the probationary period, using the standard University employee performance evaluation form.  Any information concerning the employee’s performance during the probationary period should be documented in the employee’s personnel file.

Throughout this period, the immediate supervisor will provide guidance and direction to assist the probationary employee with improving performance.

If an employee is placed on leave without pay during the probationary period, then the probationary period is extended by the same number of days that the employee is on leave.

An employee terminated during the probationary period is not privileged to the discipline and dismissal policies and procedures of the University.


Full and part-time classified employees

Responsible Party

Associate Vice President, Office of Human Resources

Last Updated: July 8, 2016

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