Hiring using a Temporary Agency


To provide a procedure in hiring temporary employees from University approved temporary agencies to fill temporary employment needs.


Complies with Texas Human Resources Code Chapter 122.  The Purchases from Persons with Disabilities program (1) furthers the state's policy of encouraging and assisting persons with disabilities to achieve maximum personal independence by engaging in useful productive employment activities; and (2) provides state agencies, departments, and institutions and political subdivisions of the state with a method for achieving conformity with requirements of nondiscrimination and affirmative action in employment matters related to persons with disabilities.


  1. The department manager/administrator completes the Temporary Employee Requisition Form available in the Forms Library under the Human Resources (HR) section. The form requires detailed and pertinent information to assist the agency in meeting the request for temporary employment services.
  2. Submit  the completed form to the Office of Human Resources for review and a HR Representative.
    • The HR Representative will first submit the request to the local Goodwill Industries Temporary Services. Goodwill Industries must make an employee available within 24-48 hours of receipt of request. In the event the order cannot be filled, Goodwill Industries Temporary Services will provide written exception notification.
    • The HR Representative will submit the request to approved temporary agencies. The temporary agency must make an employee available as well as completed background check results within 24 to 48 hours of the initial request.
  3. If an applicant qualifies for the position and meets the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) background check guidelines, the department manager/administrator or HR Representative will conduct an interview.  After the interview, the HR Representative will proceed with the temporary hiring process.
  4. Within two (2) weeks of the initial temporary employment period, the respective temporary agency will follow up with the department manager/administrator and/or HR Representative to assess performance and ensure temporary employment needs are being met.
  5. Temporary assignments are not to last longer than a period of one full year of employment.  If department manager/administrator wishes to continue temporary employment after one year, they must seek approval from the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.
  6. If a department manager/administrator intends to hire the temporary employee, the UTEP hiring process will be followed
  7. The purchased services of the temporary employee will be listed as an expense through the University's Purchase Order process at the time the request is made by the hiring department.
  8. All invoicing of temporary workers will be conducted by the department.


Hiring departments hiring temporary employees using a temporary agency.

Responsible Party

Associate Vice President, Office of Human Resources

Last Updated: August 19, 2006

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