Separating Employees


To provide employees guidelines for processing involuntary, voluntary, retirement separations for faculty and staff from the University of Texas at El Paso. 


This guideline complies with the University's Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter V, Section 3 – Employment Policy. 


Upon Notice of a separation, the Separation/Retirement Form must be completed by the department designee and submitted to the Office of Human Resources. The form routes electronically to the Library, Miner Gold Card Office, Student Recreation Center, Parking & Transportation Services, Key Shop, and Payroll Office.  Departments must attach the resignation letter. 

Voluntary Separations/Resignations

  • Managers/Supervisors have primary responsibility for ensuring all voluntary separation steps, are executed when an employee voluntary resigns their employment. The Office of Human Resources can assist in processing the separation electronically.
  • A Voluntary Resignation occurs when an employee decides to end their employment of their own accord or when an employee abandons the position (job abandonment). If an employee decides to resign from their position, it is advised they give their supervisor or department head as much advance notice as possible.  The professional notification recommendation would be a minimum of two weeks.  When an employee notifies their department to voluntarily separate, the employee must provide a written “Notice of Resignation.” The Notice of Resignation should include the employee’s last day of employment and reason for leaving the University, if available.  Once the Supervisor has received the document either on paper or through email, a copy must be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources along with the electronic separation form. The various departments will approve the form if the employee is deemed to have cleared.  Employees deciding to separate from the University may be allowed to use their vacation or applicable compensatory time to extend their official departure date. Any accrued and unused vacation balances the employee earned will be paid out if not used after the employee’s last day of employment.  If the employee’s last date of employment is changed to an earlier date by the Manager/Supervisor, the employee will be paid up to the date of the original accepted resignation date. Voluntary resignations are not subject to the University Grievance procedure. 

Clearing With Departments

In order for the department to authorize clearance, the employee must:

  • Return any issued property (cell phones, laptops, pagers) to their home department.
  • Return all books, and/or pay any outstanding balances to the University Library.
  • Return all keys. (return receipt must be provided to the department and attach copy to the electronic form) to the Key Shop or department administrator.
  • Turn in your Miner Gold Card to your department administrator. 
  • Turn in your parking tag to Parking & Transportation Services or the Office of Human Resources if you are clearing on your last day of employment.
  • Turn in your parking tag to Parking & Transportation Services or the Office of Human Resources if you are clearing on your last day of employment.

In the event it is discovered that the separating employee owes the University for any services rendered or outstanding property. The University reserves the right to deduct any monies owed to the University from the separating employee's vacation payout.

Meeting with Benefits

Benefits-eligible employees that are exiting the university are advised to meet with their Benefits Representative as part of the exit process. Employees may call the Office of Human Resources main line at (915) 747-5202 to schedule an appointment or speak with a Benefits Representative. 

A separating employee may return their employee identification card, parking permit, office and building keys, university issued credit cards, or any university owned miscellaneous equipment to the Benefits Representative if the items were not given to the department before their clearance meeting. 

Employee Exit Survey

Employees are encouraged to complete an on-line Exit Interview Survey once their notice has been provided to the Office of Human Resources.  The survey is confidential and all responses are only shared with the Office of Human Resources for statistical and metrical purposes.  The purpose of the survey is to gather separating employees’ perceptions of their experience (positive and constructive) within the organization.  

Job Abandonment

Job abandonment occurs when an employee fails to report to work or notify their supervisor of their absence during a period of three or more consecutive workdays. An employee who abandons their job will be considered to have voluntarily resigned their position with the University.  Job Abandonment is not eligible for the University Grievance procedure.  In the event of job abandonment by an employee, the Office of Human Resources should be contacted for further assistance before a separation form is completed. 


An anticipated or planned retirement date should be given to the immediate supervisor as early as possible by the employee. The employee must provide a written or electronic intent to retire to their immediate supervisor with a copy sent to the Office of Human Resources.  Retiring from UTEP with the associated benefits may be based on a combination of age and service depending on an employee’s respective state-mandated retirement plan guidelines. To qualify as a “Retiree,” the separating employee must meet the criteria listed by the Texas Insurance Code. Information as to what constitutes a “Retiree” and the associated retiree benefits can be located at the U.T. System - Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) Web site.  If an employee has decided to retire, the supervisor or department head must: 

  • Refer the employee to the Office of Human Resources to determine eligibility.
  • The Office of Human Resources will also help the Retiree, if a faculty member work through any agreed upon Phased Retirement between themselves and their Department Chair and Dean.  The guidelines for Phased Retirement may be found on the Provost’s website.
  • Request the separating employee, if eligible to retire, submit a written resignation letter, which clearly states an effective or desired retirement date. 
  • Accept the resignation letter and date. 
  • Process the separation/retirement form via HR website. 

Death of an Employee

In the event of a death of an employee, the department must inform the Office of Human Resources within a reasonable amount of time after the incident if it occurs on campus or as soon as the department is notified by a relative and/or colleague. The Office of Human Resources will determine applicable death benefits and meet with the family of the deceased to review all applicable death benefits. 


All Faculty, Classified, Administrative and Professional staff employees.

Responsible Party

Associate Vice President, Office of Human Resources 

Last Updated: August 23, 2016

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