Merit Increases


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for merit increases.


Subject to funding and a satisfactory performance evaluation, every employee at the University is eligible for a merit increase consideration during the annual review process. The merit increase is based on the level of employee performance and the salary range quartile in which the employee’s salary falls.


  1. Supervisors must complete performance evaluations for each of their employees during the annual review process conducted between January and March of preceding year. The period of time to be evaluated is the previous calendar year.
  2. All evaluations must be completed, reviewed with the employee and signed off by a second level supervisor by March 31 of the preceding year in order to be considered for the next academic year.
  3. The completed performance evaluation form is forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for inclusion in the employees personnel file.
  4. Merit increase guidelines will be sent to reviewing Directors/Managers each year during the budget process from the Budget Office.
  5. Merit increase recommendations are submitted through the budget process and checked against the database to ensure that a performance evaluation has been received and is satisfactory.
  6. Merit increases outside of the common review process will only be considered in rare instances with approval from the President’s Office or her designee.


Classified and Administrative and Professional staff.

Responsible Party

Associate Vice President, Office of Human Resources

Last Updated: July 8, 2016

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