Mexico Auto Insurance for University-owned Vehicles


To ensure that all University-owned vehicles are properly insured and documented prior to entering Mexico on official University business.


Prior approval to travel into Mexico on University business via the International Travel Exception Request Form from the department head/dean/vice president/vice provost, as appropriate, and must be provided to the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs (VPBA) for approval of the International Oversight Committee (IOC) before the VPBA will authorize the purchase of Mexico insurance.


Step 1: Obtain full approval via International Travel Exception Request Form from your department head/dean/VP, as appropriate and the IOC for travel into Mexico.

Step 2: Reserve a vehicle from the Facilities Services Motor pool.

Step 3: Submit your request for Mexico insurance to the Office of the VPBA (Fax: 747- 5068). Include the Motor pool vehicle number include the Year, Make, Model, License Plate and VIN, a copy of your departmental authorization, the dates and times of travel, the destination, the name(s) of the drivers, their university-issued 800 numbers, and the account number to be charged for the insurance.

Step 4: You will be notified by the Office of the VPBA when the Auto ID card and insurance policy documents are ready.

Step 5: Place the documents in the vehicle(s) while you are traveling.

Cancellation: Insurance purchased is based on the hour of departure. Cancellation must occur at least 24 hours prior to the departure time in order to receive a refund of the insurance premium.


Applies to all University departments.


INS Form - A document signed by the VPBA and notarized giving the driver permission to take a State-owned vehicle into the Mexico. This document is required to prevent the driver from being detained for theft of state-owned property.

Responsible Party

Vice President for Business Affairs

Last Updated: July 1, 2016

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