Off Cycle Checks


To pay employees who did not receive their regular paycheck due to incomplete records and/or appointments.


Off cycle checks may be requested for earnings that were due to be paid on a prior scheduled payroll run but were not processed due to incomplete records and/or appointments. Off Cycle checks can be requested for hourly and monthly employees for the following reasons:

  • A monthly employee’s appointment was not submitted and/or approved before the scheduled monthly payroll run.
  • The department did not submit an hourly employee’s hours before the payroll deadline. 
  • Retro payments for monthly employees owed earnings from prior pay periods.
Off Cycle Payments will not be issued for:
  • Vacation Payout
  • Moving Expense Reimbursements
  • Overtime
  • Longevity
  • Additional Pay (Awards, Bonuses, Supplements)
  • FICA Refunds
  • PDA Reimbursements
All of the above will be processed on the next available regularly scheduled payroll for the employee.


Off Cycle checks are regular payroll checks. The checks will have taxes, benefit deductions, and/or garnishments deducted accordingly.

Off Cycle checks should be requested by the department and approved by the authorized signer on the cost center/project ID.

  • Department may request an off cycle check by completing the Off Cycle Payroll Request Form IAP.
  • The Off Cycle IAP should be filled out completely including the correct Employee ID, position number, pay period to be paid, project or cost center approver, and the gross pay amount. A reason must be selected and a description entered to justify request.
  • If the off cycle request is for an hourly employee, the hours must be entered and submitted in PeopleSoft before the request is processed.
  • The employee MUST have an active assignment (Job Data) and a complete HR record for the requested pay period.
  • Off Cycle checks requested by 10:00 AM on Thursdays will be ready to pick up on Fridays after 4:00 PM. The checks can be picked up in Payroll Services in University Towers, 1900 North Oregon Street, Suite 100. A photo ID that matches the name on the check is all that is necessary to pick up the check.


    All University employees.

    Responsible Party


    Last Updated: July 15, 2016

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