Hourly Appointments


To pay employees assigned to work at a specific hourly rate.


Hourly appointments are authorizations to pay an employee from a cost center or project ID for hours worked at a specified hourly rate. These appointments are created by the department by using the Appointment Actions Request Form IAP (Interim Approval Process). Once the appointment is created, timesheets must be processed twice a month for each hourly employee.


Hourly documents:

  • A Position Request & Modifications Form IAP is used to request a new position due to departmental reorganizations, special projects, new grants or contracts, workload increases, position combinations, etc. The Position Request IAP is also used to request an update to a position due to reclassifications, inactivating positions, working title changes, position transfers, reorganizations, changes in Full Time Equivalent (FTE) status, changes in Reports-To information, etc.
  • The department must complete and submit an Appointment Actions Request Form IAP for a new hourly employee.
  • The Appointment Actions Request Form IAP is also created to rehire or extend the appointment


  • Timesheets are available under the Resources Section of the Payroll Website.
  • Hours should be entered and submitted at least twice a month by the payroll deadline for hourly employee to receive a regular paycheck. The deadline to submit hours is the first working day after the end of the pay period at 2:00 PM. A reminder email is sent out twice a month with deadlines to all active timekeepers. Deadlines are also posted on the PeopleSoft Calendar.  
  • Hours entered for any work performed during the 1st through the 15th of the month will be paid on the 5th working day after the 15th of the month. Hours worked from the 16th through the end of the month will be paid on the 5th working day of the following month.
  • Departments should keep copies of the approved timesheets after entering and submitting the hours in PeopleSoft.


All University departments with appointed hourly employees.

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Last Updated: July 15, 2016

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