Overtime Payments


To pay non-exempt University employees authorized overtime worked.


The University complies with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), applicable state laws, and the Texas State Comptroller's Payroll Policies and Procedures Guide in determining who is entitled to be compensated for overtime worked in excess of the normal 40-hour work week. Any type of paid leave or holidays taken during a work week cannot be counted as actual time worked or towards calculating the number of overtime hours worked. Only employees classified as non-exempt qualify to be paid for authorized overtime worked.


Authorization to work overtime no longer requires approval from the Vice President for Business Affairs. The approval must be from the department supervisor prior to any overtime worked by non-exempt employees. Departments are solely responsible to maintain adequate paper documentation detailing the overtime worked. The Payroll Department does not keep any documentation on overtime payments.

Departments must process a Dept Overtime Pay Document (OV5) in *Define in order to pay employees that have worked authorized overtime. The OV5 requires that the overtime hours worked be entered at 1.5 times as opposed to the hourly rate. Notes briefly describing why an employee is being paid overtime must be included on the OV5. The Payroll Office will not approve an OV5 without attached notes on the document.

The department must process an OV5 by the timesheet deadline posted on the Administrative Calendar. This calendar can be found on the Financial Services website. Overtime payments will only occur on the two semi-monthly payrolls (the 5th and 15th working day of the month). Emergency checks are not issued for overtime payments.


All non-exempt University employees that will work or have worked authorized overtime.

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Last Updated: August 15, 2012

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