Vacation Payments


To pay accrued vacation hours to an employee that has separated from the University.


The University complies with the Texas State Comptroller's Payroll Policies and Procedures Guide in determining who is entitled to a payment for accrued vacation hours. An employee is due a payment for accrued vacation hours if:

  1. The employee separates from the University either through a resignation or a dismissal from a department.
  2. The employee has completed six months of continuous employment.
  3. The employee is not working at another state agency (in a position that accrues vacation hours) within 30 days following the official separation date from the University.


The employee separating from the University must clear campus with Human Resource Services (Administration Building Room 216). A signed clearance form from the employee will then be forwarded to the Payroll Office.

Simultaneously, the department must process an appointment change in *Define to terminate the employee. The accrued vacation hour balance for the employee should be included on the "Remarks" or "Notes" sections of the appointment change document. This accrued vacation hour balance should also match the ET3 module.

The Payroll Office will process a Dept Vacation/Float/Holiday Pay Document (OV6) once all the necessary documentation has been completed by the department and the separated employee. In addition, the Payroll Office will determine holiday pay eligibility. Both the accrued vacation hours and holiday hours (if applicable) will be paid out on a single OV6 document. Vacation payment checks are paid on the semi-monthly payrolls (the 5th and 15th working days of the month).


All separated University employees with accrued vacation hours.

Responsible Party


Last Updated: April 2, 2007

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