Emergency Purchases


This procedure is issued to provide University departments with guidance when an emergency need for goods or services, $15,000 or greater arises and the department cannot secure goods or services with competitive bids or quotes.


This procedure is issued in accordance with The University of Texas at El Paso Procurement Operating Procedures.


  1. If competition is not sought for a purchase of $15,000 or greater, and the situation is deemed an emergency, please complete an electronic Exclusive Acquisition - Emergency Requisition Form, available in Miner Mall. When requesting an Emergency Purchase, consider the following:
    • The reason for the emergency purchase; explain what the emergency is and/or what caused the emergency situation.
    • The financial or operational damage/risk that will occur if needs are not satisfied immediately.
    • Why the needs were not or could not be anticipated so that products/services could not have been purchased following standard procedures.
    • The reason and process used for selecting the supplier.
  2. To process an emergency purchase:
    • Complete the electronic Exclusive Acquisition Emergency Requisition Form available in Miner Mall.
    • Submit the Electronic Form so that it may route to the appropriate Department Approvers.
    • Form will then route electronically to the Purchasing Department for final approval.
    • If you have any questions regarding the use of this form, please contact your purchasing representative or call ext. 5601. To contact your Buyer, please see "Who's My Buyer?" https://admin.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=68363
             Note: You must provide a thorough and complete response to all the considerations.


This administrative procedure applies to all university departments.


Competitive Bid - The process of inviting and obtaining bids from competing sources in response to advertised competitive specifications, by which an award is made to the lowest and best bidder meeting the specifications. The process contemplates giving potential bidders a reasonable opportunity to bid, and requires that all bidders be placed on the same plane of equality. Each bidder must bid on the same advertised specifications, terms, and conditions in all the items and parts of a contract. The purpose of competitive bidding is to stimulate competition, prevent favoritism, and secure the best goods and services at the lowest practicable price, for the benefit of the State. Competitive bidding cannot occur where contract specifications, terms, or conditions prevent or unduly restrict competition, favor a particular vendor, or increase the cost of goods or services without providing a corresponding benefit to the state.

Emergency Purchase - Emergencies occur as the result of unforeseeable circumstances and may require an immediate response to advert an actual or potential public threat. If a situation arises in which compliance with normal procurement practice is impracticable or contrary to the public interest an emergency purchase may be warranted to prevent a hazard to life, health, safety, welfare, property or to avoid undue additional cost to the state. Notwithstanding the immediate nature of an emergency all procurements conducted as emergencies should be made as such.

Responsible Party

Director, Purchasing & General Services

Last Updated: July 6, 2016

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