Procurement Card Issuance


The University of Texas at El Paso Purchasing Office offers University Departments a MasterCard Procurement Program. The program is a fast, flexible method of processing low dollar value purchase from vendors that accept the MasterCard credit card. This program eases the process of purchasing commodities of low dollar and low volume for the University. The procurement card works like a credit card and in order to obtain a procurement card an applicant must first become trained in its use.


The Procurement Card Program is authorized by a Texas Building and Procurement Commission contract with Citi Bank. With the procurement card one may purchase non-restricted commodities of $1,000.00 or less directly from vendors without issuing a purchase order or entering an accounting transaction. The procedure is issued in accordance with Texas Procurement and Support Services.

Cardholders are responsible for ensuring proper use of the card. Individuals who have been designated as Procurement Card Reconcilers help ensure the proper use of Procurement Cards by overseeing department implementation and use of the card.


If you would like to apply for a procurement card, you must first contact the Program Administrator at the Purchasing Department Main Extension (5601), or by visiting A department head, dean, project director, or other administrative official who is a delegated signer on the default account that chosen. There are three forms which will need their signature. The forms will be provided by the Program Administrator. Those forms can also be accessed online at: under forms. Once completed submit your department head approval procurement card application to the Program Administrator located in Kelly Hall 3rd Floor, Purchasing and General Services Department.

Once you are approved, you must become familiar with the rules and regulations governing the use of a procurement card at the University of Texas at El Paso by attending mandatory procurement card training. You may register for the class by visiting the Human Resources home page, clicking on the Training and Development link is required for cardholders and account reconcilers.

Once training is completed and the card received, a cardholder may begin using the procurement card for small dollar, low volume purchases.

Ensure all transactions are properly documented, reconciled, and final approval is obtained at the end of each billing cycle. 


This administrative procedure applies to all university departments.


Procurement Card - Procurement Card is a MasterCard charge card available to individuals who have procurement responsibilities. The card simplifies and expedites buying and paying for low-cost, low volume goods

Cardholder - A cardholder is an individual designated by the Department head to utilize the Procurement Card to purchase items within the Program’s controls and limits. Cardholder is ultimately responsible for all action associated with their procurement card.

Reconciler - The Reconciler is the individual who monitors card activity and reconciles the accounts associated with the Pro Card on a monthly basis.

Approver – Budget owner who final approves the transactions. 

Responsible Party

Assistant Vice President, Purchasing & General Services and Pro Card Administrator

Last Updated: July 6, 2016

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