Purchase Order Change Request


This procedure is issued to provide university departments with guidance when revisions are required to a purchase order which has been final approved.


This procedure is issued in accordance with The University of Texas at El Paso Procurement Operating Procedures.

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  • The Purchasing Department has sole authority to make changes to existing purchase order.
  • Departments may initiate Change Orders in Miner Mall, the document will route to the Purchasing Department for review and final approval.
  • The Purchasing Department may administer a Change Order if the difference is 25% or less than the total purchase order.
  • Any change order which exceeds 25% of the original order must be approved by the Assistant Director of Purchasing before being processed.


  1. Complete the electronic Change Order Request Form available in Miner Mall. Change orders should only be used for the following:
    • To cancel a purchase order To cancel a line item
    • To modify a line item
    • To change an account number
    • To close a purchase order to relieve an open encumbrance
    • To change the fiscal year PO accounting date
    • To encumber additional funding due to unforeseen circumstances
    • Attach any supporting documentation
  2. Submit the Electronic Form so that it may route to the appropriate Department Approvers.
  3. The Form will then route electronically to the Purchasing Department for final approval.
  4. If you have any questions regarding the use of this form, please contact your purchasing representative or call ext. 5601. To contact your Buyer, please see "Who's My Buyer?" https://admin.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=68363


This administrative procedure applies to all university departments.


Miner Mall - Miner Mall is an electronic procurement marketplace that is the University’s tool for the issuance, approval and payment processing of all University Purchase Orders.

Shopper – An individual who can shop and create a cart within the Miner Mall application. All UTEP employees are considered a "shopper".

Creator - An individual who has the capability of a Shopper and also finalizes the cart prior to approval. The Creator enters the proper accounting codes and other pertinent information. These roles are mainly assigned to administrative assistants, coordinators, supervisors, etc.

Approver - An individual that is responsible for ensuring the purchase requisition is allowable, allocable and reasonable. These roles are mainly assigned to the account owners such as the PI, department chairs, directors, managers etc.

Cart - The cart in Miner Mall is in essence your purchase requisition. Once approved, your cart will become your purchase order.

Responsible Party

Assistant Vice President, Purchasing & General Services

Last Updated: July 6, 2016

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