Records Retention, Destruction and Storage


This procedure is issued to provide university departments with guidance on proper records management to include records retention schedule, disposal of records and inactive records storage.


This procedure is issued in accordance with The University of Texas System Records and Information Management Policy.

All official records (paper, microform, electronic, or any other media) will be retained for the minimum periods stated in the System Administration Records Retention Schedule as approved by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and the Texas State Auditor's Office in compliance with Texas Government Code, Chapter 441.

Every college or department is responsible to ensure that college and departmental employees adhere to state records management laws. The following information provides a general overview and guidance of records management. This general overview includes information on how long a department should keep records, when a department storage of inactive records and when a department can dispose of records. Each department is encouraged to contact Records Management Office for advice and guidance. The UTEP Records Management Office provides necessary guidelines, training and storage in an advisory capacity to all university departments.


Records Retention Schedule

  • Contact the Records Management Office.
  • Review the University of Texas at El Paso Records Retention Schedule. The records retention schedule lists all records created or received by the college and department and specifies how long they are to be retained. State law requires that we submit a revised schedule to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for recertification every 5 years. Amendments may be submitted at any time.
  • The Records Retention Schedule provides legal authorization for regular disposition of university records.
  • The creation, maintenance and final disposition of university records is the responsibility of each college and department in compliance with the approved records retention schedule.

Destruction and Disposal of Records

  • Contact the Records Management Office. A department may not destroy records without consulting the Records Management Office.
  • Identify the records eligible for destruction.
  • Ensure that records are listed on the approved Records Retention Schedule.
  • Records are destroyed and disposed of according to the Retention Schedule.
  • No records are disposed of without approval.

Inactive Records Storage

  • The Records Management Office provides the necessary steps to ensure proper storage of inactive records upon request from each college and department.
  • Records Management maintains for all university colleges and departments’ storage warehouse that meets Texas State Library standards for safety and security
  • Records Management provides the guidelines to each college and department to ensure proper packing of their inactive records to be stored.
  • Records Management Office provides retrieval services allowing departments to access their stored records.
  • Records Management Office provides consultation to your office and provides guidelines as established by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. In addition, monthly training is available to the university community.


Applies to all University departments (Faculty and Staff)


As a component of the UT System everyone who creates, sends, receives and maintains university records has a role in records management regardless of the medium which may be employed: paper, microform, electronic or any other media.

Responsible Party

Assistant Vice President, Purchasing & General Services

Last Updated: July 6, 2016

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