Airline Reservations


To assist University faculty and staff with options available when making airline reservations.


The University complies with the Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts’ service contract fares based on the travel guidelines published on the TexTravel guide.

All airline reservations must follow the Comptrollers’ service contract fares. University contracted travel agencies and online booking tool comply with Comptrollers’ service contract fares and state regulations.


The UTEP Travel website has a current list of the travel agencies and an online booking tool. The following options are available for making airline reservations with an approved Travel Authorization:

  1. Use one of the University’s contracted travel agencies (Anthony Travel or Corporate Travel).
    • Eitherthe traveler or the department travel planner can reserve a flight using the contracted travel agencies
    • Fares will be paid by the University
    • Lowest available fare will be offered
  2. Use the University’s online booking tool.
    • Either the traveler or the department travel planner can reserve a flight using the online booking tool (Concur)
    • Fares will be charged to  the University travel card 
  3. When contacting Anthony or Corporate Travel, the Travel Authorization ID must be provided. Reservations for non-employees also require a Travel Authorization ID. Below are examples of the format that should be provided to the travel agencies:
    • Employee Travel Authorization Number (Ex. TV + PeopleSoft Travel Authorization ID)
    • Authorization for Personal Services (Ex. APS + Cost Center/Project ID)
    • Prospective Employee (Ex. PE + Cost Center/Project ID)
    • Letter of Authorization for Students (Ex. LTR + Cost Center/Project ID)

Reimbursement of airfare may be disallowed for travelers who do not use the contracted travel agencies or Concur.


Applies to all University faculty and staff traveling by commercial air transportation.

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Last Updated: August 18, 2016

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