Seminar and Conference Fees


To identify the options available to University employees or students for paying for seminars, registration and conference fees.


University faculty, staff, and students may register for business related seminars and conferences with departmental approval.  The participant has the following pre-payment registration options:

  1. Department pays the conference fee directly (Preferred)
  2. Employee or student can pay using personal funds


Option 1

If prepayment is required, traveler must complete all registration documentation and submit to the department administrator. The department administrator will process the registration on a Direct Pay Form available through Miner Mall.

Option 2

Pay directly using the department Pro Card (refer to Pro Card Program guidelines)

Option 3

The attendee may choose to pre-pay the registration fees using personal funds and submit the original paid receipts that show the method of payment to the department travel planner for reimbursement on a PeopleSoft Travel & Expense document after the trip has occurred.


Applies to all University faculty, staff, and students traveling to a seminar or conference on official state business.

Responsible Party


Last Updated: August 18, 2016

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