Travel Reimbursement Request


To reimburse personal funds that a traveler has spent while traveling on University business.


The University complies with guidelines adopted by the Texas State Comptroller to reimburse faculty, staff and students for travel expenses while on official state business. Reimbursement should be made within 45 days after completion of travel.

As a reminder, the University follows Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, which allow an accountable plan to be non-taxable. Any travel reimbursement that is not substantiated within 90 days of the return date will be added to the employee’s income and taxed at the appropriate withholding tax rate. Refer: IRS Publication 463, Section 6 How to Report.


Please follow the steps to process your travel reimbursement:

  1. Submit the following original itemized travel receipts* to your department travel planner:
    1. Airline itinerary
    2. Rental car 
    3. Refueling
    4. Public Trnasportation
    5. Lodging
    6. Meals (if exceeds per diem)
    7. Registration Fee (if paid by the traveler)
    8. Parking
    9. Other miscellaneous business expenses (ie: business phone calls and internet service)
  2. Note: Credit card receipts without the itemized expenses are not acceptable.

  3. Department travel planner will create and prepare a PeopleSoft Expense Report document
  4. If an employee received a Cash Advance, the travel planner needs to apply it to the Expense Report
  5. Travel receipts will be attached to the electronic Expense Report document
  6. The traveler will review the document and electronically certify that the reimbursement is true and correct.
  7. The electronic Expense Report document will be routed to Accounts Payable or Contracts & Grants for approval
  8. Final approval may take up to five business days and is based on accurate and correct supporting documentation.
The University uses document imaging to scan and store documents for record retention.  All supporting documentation should be attached to the Expense Report prior to submission.  The Travel Office cannot attach documentation after the Expense Report has been submitted and will be returned to the department for correction.


This applies to all University faculty, staff and students requesting travel reimbursement while traveling on official state business.

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Last Updated: July 5, 2016

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