Ride Share

As the city and the University continues to grow, it is important for us to be proactive in providing tools for all of us to get to and around campus.

One of these tools is Ride Share, it promotes an alternative to the traditional commute, this way we reduce single-occupancy vehicles on our roads and in our parking structures and lots. By encouraging all of us to reduce the number of times we drive alone each day, we help contribute to improve our air quality, decrease traffic congestion and maximize our limited parking capacity.

Carpooling helps you (and all of us) in many ways:

  • Reduces your automobile expenses: fuel, oil, maintenance.
  • Reduces your parking expenses - carpoolers will be able to split the cost of one permit with your fellow poolers. The rest of the carpoolers will get 10 passes each that they can use in case they need to come by themselves. And for a modest fee additional passes can be sold to the carpoolers.
  • Reduces commuting stress
  • If you are the passenger you gain usable time during your commute - talk, work, read or sleep
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by reducing auto emissions.

Complete the online form with AlterNetRides to get connected with others interested in carpooling. Do not include your UTEP ID and password on this form. Please create a new ID and password for AlterNetRides.

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