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Space Management Office

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Useful Facts
Spatial Resources 80
Built Structures 106
Main Campus 421 Acres
Gross Square Feet 5.21 Million

Space Management Office

The Space Management Office provides analytical, strategic, and technical expertise as the recognized authority of University spatial information. We strengthen data-based decision making processes for the management of our distinctive spatial resources. We prepare mandated federal and state reports for research and instructional use, we conduct campus space surveys and audits, analyze space allocation by building and department and maintain the University's spatial database, which includes information such as square footage, organization and occupants.

We strive to enhance the University of Texas at EI Paso's educational mission and pursuit of becoming a tier one research-intensive institution with a twenty-first century demographic, by ensuring that learning environments, research initiatives and administrative efforts are effectively used and created to foster academic, research and administrative excellence.

Our mission: to guide the University of Texas at EI Paso's continued growth by providing sound counsel, analytical, strategic and technical expertise as the recognized authority on campus spatial information. Our role is to strengthen decision making processes for the management of UTEP's distinctive campus spatial resources.

Our core values are:


Our staff will constantly strive to improve the level of accuracy, skill and knowledge to deliver to our client more insightful counsel on their projects. The leadership of our department is committed to assist and support our team members with opportunities to grow within our professional expertise. Continuing education opportunities, as well as mentoring, form the foundation for our staff to grow.


Our organization will constantly strive to improve the openness and clarity our staff engages in when communicating with our clients. The planning and construction department believes in the need to have an open and frank dialogue with all of our customers. We must strive to keep our clients, co-workers and staff continuously informed at all times with any issues that impact the project as well as any issues that may hamper their performance on this project and how we discharge our duties.

Ethics and Integrity

Our organization will hold all of its members to the highest standard of ethics and integrity in all of our endeavors. This ethical behavior is defined both in this document and in the University's "Standard of Conduct Guide", which illustrates a more global view of our staff performance as expected by the system. The ethical codes outlined in this document are more focused on the performance of our duties as it applies to the practice of managing improvement projects as project managers.


Our organization views all of its members as an interdependent network of highly skilled professionals that work and support each other without reservations. Each team member shall be counted on for support and assistance at all times without the fear of any hidden agendas.


Our organization views its staff members as its most valued assets and will endeavor to provide each staff member with the "appropriate tool sets or training required" for professional growth, achievement and client service.

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