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Repair and Maintenance

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Building Maintenace Shop

The Building Maintenance staff is responsible for maintaining, repairing and renovating all interior and exterior building components. Staffed with four carpenters and nine building maintenance mechanics, it is responsible for maintaining the interior, as well as the exterior, of campus buildings. This work includes maintenance of roofs, roof drains, floors, walls, doors, stairwells, windows, ceilings, cabinetry, and other building components. The Building Maintenance Shop is also responsible for light construction projects.

The Building Maintenance Shop is also staffed with four plumbers who maintain all plumbing systems inside and outside of campus buildings. This work includes maintenance of items such as restroom fixtures, water and sanitary sewer pipelines, pumps, drains, and valves. And the Shop includes four painters and one sign-maker who are responsible for coordinating the painting of the campus, installing and maintaining interior and exterior campus and building signage, and maintaining parking lot and crosswalk striping.

To request service, submit a request through our Service Desk.

Electric Shop

The Electrical Shop is staffed with ten skilled Electricians responsible for providing safe, reliable electrical service inside and outside our campus buildings. They perform emergency and routine work on the primary and secondary electrical distribution systems, and maintain all electrical systems inside and outside buildings and service items such as electrical panels, switches, receptacles, interior light fixtures, electric motors, campus street lighting, and outdoor building lighting. The Electric Shop is also responsible for scheduling and coordinating outages of the power distribution system and trouble shooting and repairing electrical systems.

The Electrical Shop offers additional special services such as: setting up public address systems for special functions; providing temporary power and lighting for special events on campus, and installing the lights for the annual Season of Lights event.

Electronics Shop

The Electronics Maintenance Shop was created to address a growing need on the campus. The three technicians assigned to this new shop are responsible for the installation, maintenance, repair and calibration of fire detection and fire protection systems, physical security systems, keyless entry systems, intrusion alarms, CCTV systems and other electronic components and systems on the campus. The technicians will also be responsible for analyzing and resolving operational problems; testing, repairing and replacing faulty equipment; and, diagnosing the cause of malfunctions in electronic components, circuits and systems.

Elevator Shop

The Elevator Shop is a one-of-a-kind operation in the University of Texas System providing a complete range of elevator maintenance, repair, calibration, and inspection services with in-house resources. The three elevator mechanics are responsible for ensuring the safe and reliable operation of over 65 vertical conveyance systems (including stage and wheelchair lifts) on the campus.

Should you become stuck in an elevator, do not panic! Remain calm and use the in-car emergency phone to call for help. A technician will be dispatched as quickly as possible to correct the problem and get you back on your way.

DO NOT attempt to exit the elevator by yourself. Wait for a trained technician to assist you. Passengers may be inconvenienced by this delay, but are much safer in the cab as opposed to exposing themselves to the dangers of moving equipment in an open hoist way

Elevator certificates are available for review in the elevator cab or the lobby and in the elevator shop. here are numerous elevators and lifts which move everyone on campus safely to and from their classrooms and offices on campus. There are stage lifts, which move entire orchestras or performances to different levels in the fox fine arts building

There are several ADA lifts, which provide vertical assistance. All of these units require untold amounts of wire; indicator lamps, safety switches, hoist ropes, and hydraulic equipment, in addition to these hardware items, there are thousands of man hours spent performing preventative maintenance and inspections. Technicians in the elevator shop inspect each unit annually as required by law.

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