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The UTEP Auto Shop is a full service automobile repair center for the entire UTEP fleet. The Auto Shop provides diagnostic services as well as maintenance and repairs of the University vehicle fleet consisting of over 180 vehicles. The three Auto Shop mechanics maintain heavy duty trucks, light duty trucks, passenger vehicles, emergency vehicles and other types of equipment such as fork lifts, golf carts, gators, lawn mowers, emergency generators, and tractors. The preventive maintenance program requires that all university vehicles be serviced regularly and all vehicles must pass an annual safety inspection. Problems and repairs should be reported to the Auto Shop promptly when discovered. A wash bay is available and may be used by University departments for their assigned University vehicles

The list of services include:

  • Coordinate towing services
  • Tire repair and replacement service
  • Basic Vehicle Maintenance (all UTEP vehicles are required)
  • Basic Vehicle Check-ups (Annual check-ups required on each vehicle)
  • Vehicle Repair
  • Golf Cart Maintenance and Repair
  • Segway Maintenance and Repair
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