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Temperature Control

Our 13 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) mechanics are responsible for keeping us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The HVAC team’s responsibilities include general upkeep, maintenance, and repairs to mechanical systems in buildings across the campus. Routine services include:

  • Heating and Ventilation. Routine and emergency repairs and preventive maintenance on all equipment and systems, including the Central Heating Plant's high-pressure steam and high-temperature hot water systems. These include steam, hot water, warm air, and electrical systems for large buildings as well as controls and equipment for offices and rooms.
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Repairs and maintains air conditioning systems for computer rooms, PBX equipment and buildings; walk-in coolers and freezers; refrigerated water coolers and air dryers; ice machines; dehumidifiers and humidifiers; heat pumps; chilled water piping and coils; and cooling towers.
  • Energy Management. The energy management computerized system (EMCS) allows us to monitor and control HVAC equipment remotely in the majority of our campus buildings. Through EMCS we can focus on programming mechanical systems to provide building occupants comfort and optimize the use of energy.

The HVAC, Central Plant and Operations Support groups are responsible for reliable, consistent, and controlled comfort and process heating, cooling and ventilation. This includes maintaining temperature and humidity control of classrooms, labs, and offices to provide a safe working and learning environment for students, faculty and staff. The department also provides preventive maintenance that includes changing air filters and cleaning mechanical systems throughout campus.

The Facilities Services team works hard to manage energy costs throughout campus. According to the Energy Star program, each degree of higher temperature set point within buildings during the summers can save about 3% on cooling costs.

UTEP has a temperature set-back policy that standardizes building temperatures to remain at 70 degrees when the mean daily temperature is 70 or less and is adjusted up to 73 degrees when the mean daily temperature is greater than 70 (with exceptions for specialized facilities and labs).

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