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Planning and Construction

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Planning and Construction at UTEP

Planning and Construction administers design and construction services for smaller remodeling and construction projects, including furnishing design, interior design and tenant improvement projects of all types up to $1 million in project value - and occasionally larger, depending on the nature of the project.

Deep inside our mission as stewards of the campus’ distinctive architectural image, unique operational needs and continued growth, lies the need to serve and promote ways to enhance the experience enjoyed by users and visitors when on campus. As a team, we treasure and promote adherence to the distinctive Bhutanese architectural style for which UTEP is recognized. We are observant of any and all projects undertaken to ensure we preserve this distinctive image and brand. Our role goes beyond just preserving the style to one of advancing this architectural language as we maneuver our campus through its next centennial while ensuring an enriching learning experience for all of our users, students and faculty.

The University of Texas at El Paso's commitment to becoming a Tier One Research Institution provides the Planning and Construction team with an opportunity to enhance our academic building stock and create additional research and scientific academic environments. Presented with the University’s need to grow and add more buildings to our campus also provides our staff an opportunity to enhance our existing outdoor spaces, pedestrian amenities and our distinctive arroyo that cuts through the middle of our campus.

For new construction projects, submit a request through our Service Desk.

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