Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction can be made on a monthly basis or as a one-time deduction.

If employee selects payroll deductions on a monthly basis, it will be spread over 9 months starting with the October 1st payroll and ending with the June 1st.  Please note that the deadline to sign up for Payroll deduction for active faculty and staff is August 31st.  After this date, the charge will be applied to your account for payment on your own.

Employee deductions can be made on a Pre-tax or Post-tax basis.

  • Pre-tax Payroll deductions will take place before taxes are paid.
  • Post-tax Payroll deductions will take place after taxes have been deducted.

Please refer to The Payroll website for more details about differences between Pre-tax and Post-tax options.The Payroll deduction option can only be elected at the beginning of the year. Once the first payroll occurs on October 1st only new employees will be able to sign up for payroll deduction.


If the payroll deduction option is selected as method of payment, no refund will be given in case of separating from the University or returning permit for any other reason.

The only time when an employee can receive a refund is if they selected “One time payroll deduction”, or if employee has made the payment in full at cashiers.

In the case of an upgrade, no refund will be issued and payroll deduction will be stopped, difference between current permit and new permit will be charged on account, no payroll deduction changes can be made.

New Employees

New employees can start payroll deductions within 1 month of working for the University. After 1 month, the employee will not be considered new employee and no longer has the option to payroll deduct.

In-Person Transaction

If the employee initiates payroll deduction in one of our offices, the employee is responsible for completing and signing our new payroll deduction form and a registration form. These two forms are available through our website.


If employee is separating from the University, and last working day falls on, or between the 1st and the 15th of the month, we will be able to stop the last or next payroll deduction. If the last working day falls on, or between the 16th and the end of the month the employee will be deducted on their next paycheck, after that it will be stopped (in case of receiving more checks).

Once notified of separation please direct employee to turn in their parking tag to the parking and transportation office. A temporary tag will be issued for the remainder of their employment.

***Employee will be responsible of returning parking permit to one of our offices in case of a separation. If no permit is returned we won’t be able to stop payroll deduction or give any refund (in case of paying the permit in full, as previously explained).

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