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Facilities Service Rates

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Billable and Non-Billable Services

Facilities Services is funded to provide Academic Educational and General (E & G) fund facilities and departments with certain services. These are provided at no charge to the customer:

  • Basic maintenance and repair of buildings and building components (HVAC, mechanical and electrical equipment, elevators, lighting, interior finishes, door locks, etc.)
  • Utility services
  • Custodial and grounds maintenance services
  • Labor to support academic events
  • Pick-up of surplus items
  • Recycling activities
  • Emergency, on-call response

Other services are billable: departments must submit a purchase requisition indicating the account to be billed. Typical billable services include:

  • Remodeling and minor construction
  • Space alterations (changes in wall layouts, adding outlets, changing HVAC distribution, etc.)
  • Maintenance and repair of some types of research equipment
  • Replacement and/or assembly of some types of furniture
  • Support for certain types of events
  • Rental of vehicles from the Motor Pool

Request a Quote

Costs may vary based on the type of service requested. To get a detailed quote, request a cost estimate through our Service Desk.

Hourly Service Rates by Shop
Shop Regular Rate Overtime
Automotive $14.94 $22.41
Carpentry $14.62 $21.93
Central Plant $17.96 $26.94
Custodial $10.84 $16.26
Electrical $16.90 $25.35
Elevators $16.29 $24.44
Grounds $13.32 $19.98
HVAC $15.56 $23.34
Key Shop $16.99 $25.49
Labor Crew $13.20 $19.80
Maintenance $14.46 $21.69
Paint $11.29 $16.94
Plumbing $16.38 $24.57
Work Control $24.90 $37.35
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