Section IX: Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Compliance

Chapter: 6
Date Updated: June 8, 2015

6.1 Environmental Compliance

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for monitoring compliance with all applicable federal and state environmental laws including the application and receipt of required permits, and the gathering and reporting of all regulatory required data.

6.1.1 EH&S is responsible for representing the University before all regulatory agencies having environmental authority. This includes but is not limited to all matters pertaining to hazardous waste management, asbestos project monitoring and abatement, air quality permitting, storm water management, annual hazardous wastes summaries, Universal Waste records, fuel usage reports, air emission calculations and reports, toxic substances release and spill reporting, and other environmental data as may be required by law or governmental regulations.

6.1.2 The University community shall comply with placarding and signage, training requirements, waste containment practices and procedures, as well as any reporting requirements requested by EH&S in the performance of its duties in support of the University’s obligation of environmental compliance.

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