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Closed Captioning Services

System Requirements Title
This service provides guidance and assistance for creating closed captions for videos created by faculty & staff at the University of Texas at El Paso. This service assists in the provision of required ADA-compliant captioning.    
An initial consultation provides insight on how best to create closed captions for the video.  

Videos on YouTube      
For those who already have videos uploaded to a video sharing website such as
YouTube, we can assist with how to properly add, edit, save and apply closed captions to your videos.    
If a video meets the criteria below, our staff can create an SCC (scenerist closed caption) file. An SCC file can be uploaded with the accompanying video to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing websites.

  • Video must be created by a UTEP faculty/staff member
  • Video frame rate must be supported by Adobe Premiere Pro CC.          
  (23.976, 24, 25, 29.976, or 30 frames per second)           
  • Video must be no longer than 20 minutes           
  • Captioning requests are limited to 2 per person per month    
** Outside source and/or purchased/rented video is not eligible for this service as such video should already be available captioned, and as there are copyright issues and fines/criminal penalties involved in applying captioning to, or modifying in any way, such outside video. Those with uncaptioned outside source video should discuss their need for captioned video with the UTEP Library staff.
Licensing Information Title
1. Submit a Service Request

2. Requesters will be contacted for consultation.      
3a. Depending on your needs, the best captioning method will be identified. In some cases where user accounts are required (example: YouTube), step-by-step instructions will be provided to apply closed captioning to the video.  
3b. If a .scc file is needed, the video must meet the criteria listed above, then may be submitted on removable media (ex. USB drive, external hard drive). Once the .scc closed caption file has been created, it is delivered to the requestor via email.          
Cost Title
The length of time needed to caption video will vary with the length of the video and the on-going demand for the service. Our goal is to caption video within seven working days of submission.
Cost Title 
The Technology Support Center offers training and consultation to campus departments and entities in order to increase awareness of the importance of captioning as well as the more practical hands-on “how-to-do-it” aspects of video captioning.

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