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Wi-Fi for guests

System Requirements Title
UTEP Wi-Fi (UTEPWL1) provides wireless GUEST access to alumni, vendors, and other visitors on campus. This wireless service offers a secure wireless connection for users that do not have a UTEP account. It will be easily "found" on wireless devices - just look for the wireless connection called UTEPWL1.

Though this service is accessible to UTEP students, faculty, and staff it is recommended that users with a UTEP account use UTEP Secure. UTEP Secure offers the same features but also grants access to UTEP services not accessible through UTEPWL1 and it connects automatically once a UTEP user has logged in. See UTEPSecure for more information.

Features and Benefits
• Available all over campus, Campbell and University Towers, and all UTEP  
housing locations
• Wireless connections for users while keeping UTEP systems secure
• Available to any computer or mobile device with internet access
• As a guest account, this site provides access to the Internet only and it has
limited connectivity speed
• Sponsored guest accounts can be requested from departments where the
guests are attending. The sponsored accounts will have faster connections
and will have additional features and benefits.

Getting Started
Open a new browser window on any Mac or Windows computer, or mobile device. Wait for the UTEPWL1 log in page to load, and click GUEST.
For more information about wireless access at UTEP visit


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