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Listserv Management

System Requirements Title
Electronic mailing lists, also known as listservs, are used to distribute email to a specific collection of users who have opted into the group. Listservs are used to share news and information among an organization or group of people with similar interests. It is an easy way to manage a mailing list by letting the users opt in or out of the group as desired while letting the listserv owner restrict membership to the group and postings.
Features and Benefits
• Archives of messages sent and received
• Automatic bounce processing
• Content Filtering
• Digest delivery
• Spam filters
• Controls to manage submissions, viewing and distribution
Getting Started
Student organizations, staff and faculty organizations, or campus groups of interest may request a listserv.

Student Organization Listserv Request Form
Include all necessary signatures, then fax the form to 915-747-5067 or bring it to the Technology Support Center Help Desk, library room 300.

Listservs on Campus: Visit to see a list of campus listservs, to see how to subscribe and unsubscribe from a listserv, and for more information.

Modify your list subscription: List members receive a membership notification with the lists they belong to and their personal list password every month. Access the list subscription information using your email address, password and the name of the list.

Contact the owner of a specific list via email:


Technology Support Help Desk
Phone: 915.747.4357 (HELP)

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