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System Requirements Title
Administrators, department staff and managers can obtain detailed financial, student and employee reports for the decision-making process involved in planning and forecasting. Report development can include digital or paper reports, email lists, or labels.
Features and Benefits
• Data is available for financial, student and employee information
• With access to Cognos or WebReports, users can run reports on demand
• When reports are created or run by the reporting office, data confidentiality
   and security are ensured
Getting Started
Access to Online Reporting Tools:
Some reports are available through WebReports or Cognos
If on demand reports will be needed, enter your request for access to the system you need at

Connect to WebReports
Connect to Cognos

Ordering Reports:
Visit to enter you report request
Requests are processed in the order they are received. Delivery time varies accordingly.
Online Tutorials:
Web Reports Manual
Request Web Reports Training
Request Cognos Training

Licensing fees apply to Metrics Studio access. Request consultation regarding this access by entering a request at

Users are required to log into the system regularly. Users who do not log into the system in 45 days will be removed from access to the system.


Technology Support Help Desk
Phone: 915.747.4357 (HELP)

Technology Support Help Desk

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In the event of a major system outage, please contact us at (915) 740-2001