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Remote access vpn

System Requirements Title
UTEP students, faculty and staff can securely connect to network resources from remote locations such as, home, hotels, conferences, etc. through the Virtual Private Network (VPN) using commercial internet service providers.

Users must have a valid UTEP user ID and broadband service to connect.

Features and Benefits
• Access UTEP resources that require user authentication, such as library
   databases, from off campus
• Access departmental servers from off campus
• Access your desktop computer from your laptop or personal computer when
   away from the office
• Access the library's subscription online resources, including databases and
   electronic journals (e-journals)
Getting Started
Set up VPN on your computer by clicking on the appropriate link below:

(64-Bit) Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
(32-Bit) Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Windows XP and Windows 2000

Users can set up VPN service on a Mac computer by following the instructions below:

Mac OS X

For users already familiar with UTEP's VPN, the IP to connect is

VPN connections are for broadband connections only (non-PPP connections such as RoadRunner cable or DSL).

UTEP only officially supports VPN though Windows 2000 or better and Mac OS X. UNIX/Linux workstations and Windows 9x/ME cannot support VPN natively. These Operating Systems require additional software to connect to a VPN which would have to be purchased and/or downloaded. Because of this, support would be from that software and not UTEP.

FAQs - Get answers to the most frequently asked questions at:
Solutions - VPN Remote Access
Just login with your UTEP username and password.

For any other VPN remote access questions or issues, enter details at:
Request Help - VPN Remote Access

VPN access is only available to current UTEP students and employees. Also, if UTEP security policies are violated while VPN is in use, VPN access will be terminated. For more information on UTEP security policies, please read the Acceptable Use of Information Resources.


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