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Antivirus/Spam Analysis

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On occasion, a brand new computer virus, malicious software, or spam is encountered which poses a significant threat to university resources and its community. Because these threats are new they are usually not caught by antivirus programs or email spam filters. When this occurs, the ISO takes a proactive stance by capturing, isolating, analyzing, and in severe cases, engineering patches to eliminate these threats. If you suspect that your system is infected or you come across suspicious spam please contact the ISO.

Basic Service
• Free Antivirus Software
• Spam Monitoring
• Malware Analysis
Information Security Office
Phone: 915.747.6324
Information Security Policies (PDF)
Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

NOTE: This list is intended to provide a basic reference for complying with Information Security policies. This list represents a portion of all applicable ISPs and is not intended to be all inclusive.


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Technology Support Help Desk

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