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Mail Address Validation Tool

System Requirements Title
QAS is a mailing address validation tool which allows us to correctly enter mailing addresses in accordance with USPS mailing standards. One component of this product, QAS Pro, provides interfaces with web applications and with Banner. There is an additional tool, QAS Batch, which allows an interactively clean address to be stored in a database, Excel or text file.
Getting Started
To request installation of the Mailing Address Validation Tool click on
Request QAS. Once you log in and the service call appears, add QAS to the Subject line and enter the UTEP Tag Number of the computer on which you need it installed to the UTEP Tag Number field.

For more details about this software and for assistance once you have it installed, please contact:

Edgar Padilla

QAS Pro (for Banner):
Qas Pro General Use Tutorial 1
Qas Pro General Use Tutorial 2
Qas Pro Quick User Guide
Power Point Presentation

QAS Batch:

QAS Batch Quick User Guide


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