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System Requirements Title
mSpace is your online storage, collaboration space accessible anywhere Internet connectivity is present. Students, faculty, and staff can upload, download, share, collect, manage and organize files. mSpace discontinues your need for removable media storage such as CD’s and USB drives or even having to share files by e-mail.
Features and Benefits
• 5 GB of secure web file storage space accessible from anywhere with Internet
• mSpace files are backed up nightly
• Grant read, write, and delete permissions to other users by file or folder
• Faculty and staff can schedule automatic backups from their computer to   
• Set up mSpace area for your UTEP department or organization
• Set up offline syncing between mSpace and your own computer
• Set up a "drop box" to collect documents from students or co-workers
• Bookmark files or folders that you access frequently
• Access mSpace from the M: drive on any Miners Domain
• File versioning and logging options available
Getting Started
All student, staff, and faculty automatically receive 5 GB web storage in mSpace once their enrollment or appointment is active. Departments and staff or faculty organizations may request an mSpace area by entering details at Request Help - mSpace. Change the Subcategory to CreateDepartmentalSpace. Student organizations must complete the Student Organization mSpace Request Form and have it approved by your college dean, department chair, director, vice president or the president.

Once your account is active there are two ways to login to mSpace.
• Login to MyUTEP and select mSpace from the menu bar OR
• If you are on campus using a UTEP computer, you can also access mSpace by clicking the My Computer icon. You will see mSpace(\\XythosDrive)(M:) and will find your files there also.
Getting Started with Xythos
Web View Overview
Sharing Files and Folders
Upload a File
Managing mSpace Bookmarks
Creating Folders
Moving a File or Folder
Scheduling Backups

• Students must be fully admitted to UTEP and admission complete and active to access this resource. Faculty and staff must have an approved and active appointment. Students who are within one year of their last attendance may also utilize this online service.
• Policies related to mSpace are viewable at Security Policies. See the Acceptable Use Policy on page 12 and Web and Internet Access and Use on page 89.


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