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Audio/Visual Services

System Requirements Title
Enriching meetings and other events with audio visual (AV) material goes beyond wheeling in the slide carousels and film projectors of the past. The Audio Visual Services team provides multimedia support for special event AV setup, video streaming and video conferencing.
Features and Benefits
• Maintenance program that includes real-time projector and control panel
• Consulting services for the design and installation of video conferencing suites,
   auditoriums and large classrooms.
• System design from concept to installation
• Special event audio visual set up
• Video streaming
• Video conferencing
Who do I contact if I need help deciding which projector to purchase?
Visit and enter your request for a consultation. Include the room size, a brief description on how the projector will be used, which features are most important to you (i.e. portability, brightness, etc...) and your estimated budget.

Which wireless microphone should I purchase for my classrooms?
The Shure ULX Pro microphone is extremely flexible and microphone transmitters can be reprogrammed if there is interference from another system or across the border. The AV Team also has several extra handheld and clip on microphones available for temporary loan.

Why won't my laptop display the projector I am using?
Most laptop computers require a function key or software command to activate and deactivate the video output signal. With most laptops, the activation/deactivation command acts as a toggle switch. Repeat the command to display the image on the internal laptop display, the projector or both displays simultaneously.

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