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Digital Measures

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Digital Measures, also known as Activity Insight, is a web-based application that helps manage teaching, research, and service data for University faculty. With an increasing body of work in these areas, Digital Measures provides faculty and the University a centralized solution for tracking, maintaining, and meet accreditation needs.

Digital Measures at UTEP focuses on the following overarching areas:
  • Faculty Credentialing
  • Teaching, Scholarship/Research, and Service
  • Accreditation and Reporting
Features and Benefits
  • Help track and maintain credentialing process
  • Collect data once and in one place
  • Accreditation reporting
  • Performance evaluations
  • HB 2504 compliance (syllabus information)
Getting Started
To access Digital Measures log into with your UTEP username and password. Click on the Digital Measures icon to see your faculty dashboard.

Video Instructions

To set up your Digital Measures profile, you can contact your College Administrative Officer or departmental administrative staff.

More information can be found through the Office of the Provost Website
For questions and additional assistance, submit a service request online or email


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